Recommend me a frankenbike/monstercross/touring wheelset

I picked up larfinboy’s Voodoo Nakisi frameset, and I’m looking to build it into a bit of a frankenbike to do trails, some light MTBing, light-ish touring and some baby hauling.

It’s takes 29er/700c wheels, 135mm rear spacing, option for disc brakes, but I’ll be running rim brakes, up to 2.5" 29er tyres. So something relatively strong but not crazy heavy, machined for rim brakes and wide for fat tyres.

I’m tending towards a set of Mavic TN 719 laced to XT hubs from velomine - they’re cheap and seem to cover all bases: Mavic TN 719 29er Wheelset Shimano XT 6 Bolt Disc brake [0072774718252] - $235.00 : Worldwide Bicycle Shop, fixed gear track bike wheelsets campagnolo super record vintage bike

The TN 319 would probably also do it - and a bit cheaper again: Mavic TN 319 29er Shimano XT 6 Bolt Disc Brake Wheelset Wheels [64125] - $189.00 : Worldwide Bicycle Shop, fixed gear track bike wheelsets campagnolo super record vintage bike

Is there anything else I should be looking at? At this stage I’m really not wanting to spend much more than around $300. So handbuilt isn’t really an option.

pick up a bargain on rotorburn. upgrade madness over there.

getting disc hubs to rim brake rims might be tricky 2nd hand on rotor?

(-if you go disc from the outset you can get 2nd hand 29er wheels for ~$100 on ebay/gumtree pretty easy, heaps of folks selling their OEM wheel off giants etc.)

Edit: actually some of the cheaper OEM wheelsets just use machined rims (alex’s ect) and just paint them black.

Had a look on ebay and rotorburn. Nothing that fits my requirements exactly at the moment, although I’m sure things pop up. I’m not all that keen to go disc because the frameset has horizontal dropouts and I’ll probably have fenders on from time to time.

I’ve also realized that the options I posted above don’t seem to have machined braking surfaces - different I think to the Mavic A 319 and A 719.

Some other options are Velocity Chukkers laced to Deore hubs: My first concern was weight, but they don’t appear to be any heavier than others in this range of wheel.

There are also these cheap Alex Inverno sets on loose ball SRAM hubs. A bit lighter, but seem lower quality:

Some Velocity Dyads would be alright - but I can’t seem to easily find sets on the nets at a good price.

Chukkers are incredibly heavy and hard to get tubes for.

Mavic tn719 is a great rim, lace to slx or old xt hubs. Another rim option is the velocity synergy.

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Chukker is 650g, Mavic A319 is 600g, Mavic A719 is 565g. So I’d really be looking at 100g or 200g lighter wheelsets. But the Chukkers are half the price.

And what’s the problem with tubes? Can’t you just run a regular cx/touring tube for up to around 40mm tyres and then a 29er tube for 2"+ tyres?