recommend me a yoga/pilates place in melbourne...

inner north preferred. no instructors who look like john butler or his ilk (i’m not flexible on this).


i believe perfect pilates is endorsed by xbbx and a friend of mine.

i’d like to go but i’ve been told some of the classes/instructions are very “lady specific” and could make a gent slightly uncomfortable. i’m sure xbbx could clarify for us…

My girlfriend tried to get me to do pilates or yoga or something with her, then she yelled at me for drinking a beer during.

I wish for a world ruled by Mr. Dylan !!!

perfect pilates: marcus is built like a tank and is a cyclist himself.

i’m not sure about the ‘lady specific’ tag - all the classes i ever went to were as hard as fuck, and were non-gender specific.

so worth going to one of marcus’ classes then. i have heard that there is a lady instructor that is very “c’mon girls, push out those…” etc etc

i dunno, just something someone mentioned that i thought was a bit strange.

roly’s talking about me. i do betty’s beginners classes, she’s brilliant. i didn’t quite say it was a ‘lady specific’ class, just that it seems more designed for women, and that roly probably wouldn’t enjoy it. although there is one dude in the class.

i’m looking forward to getting stronger and doing one of marcus’s classes, although given it hurts to cough or laugh for days after a class, it will probably be some time.

i was waiting for you to set me straight!!

dude’s need to keep their PF muscles strong too!
and i’m sure we’ve all heard a queaf before…

i’ve never been to one of betty’s classes, but she was always in the friday night sessions i went to. she cracks me up…

I stood on one foot once.

i think you’re funny

cute too

People fart a lot in pilates classes. Yoga too. Usually in poorly ventilated rooms.
I’m not a prude but I prefer not to know what a bunch of other folks’ innards smell like.

Pilates is the shit.
I have heard olympic park sports medicine centre is good.

There’s always Zumba.

for those of us who saw this before ‘someone’ unlawfully edited it… we know the truth…

Damn it, thought i was on to something there.