recommend me some leg warmers


fishnets and heels mandatory

someone was gonna do it, might as well get it outta the way early!

The rapha merinos. Just got a set…
Real nice… They maintain body temp real nice, not too hot even if you get caught in the sun…

Defeet Kneekers, the merino ones are of a heavier weight. Good for when it is really cold/ wet.

i got a pair of Pearl Izumis, very happy with them.

i seen dfunkt’s post as i read the tread title. nice photo too, i like green., as for leg warmers my wifes advice to me is to ride slower. non-cyclists.

Yep, Pearl Izumi do good stuff.

Sugoi for me. Both arm and knee warmers in middle weight work fine.

Cheapo Aldi ones float my boat!

go on to the internet shops and buy the ones that you like the look of

i like the santini external gripper ones off prendas

markee, how do they run re: sizing?

i’m generally fine with medium, but don’t want the to sit 5" above my ankles

Sugoi for me to. top product. Wear them out running too, no issues at all.

Sizing is as you would expect. I’m 5’6" kinda skinny legs and medium knee warmers are a perfect fit .

I wear a large and I’m about 5’10" with mediocre sprinters legs. They’re definitely not long and once riding come up and sit comfortably at the top of my calves.

i love defeet stuff. merino arm and leg warmers and socks. all awesome.

Where are you buying defeet gear from?

I bought a fair bit (gloves, kneekers, arm warmers, socks) from JensonUSA, fair shipping prices.

I reckon you’re better off getting some 3/4 knicks that are Super Roubaix or similar. I found I was ending up with warm legs and a cold arse/nads running regular knicks with leg warmers.

I scored some RAPHA cx 3/4’s on special and they rule for cold riding! I also have Santini’s from Prendas and they’re pretty good too.

i like these they have kinda fleecy fabric inside and hold heat in well. also light rain beads up and rolls off quite well.

the only problem ive found is they are a bit too long, im 6 foot and got the medium, and both arm and leg warmers are a touch too small.

EDIT: “a touch to long… LONG” derp :frowning:

Alternatively you could get some full length or 3/4 tights (without pad) and wear them under regular bib shorts, rather than having another expensive pair of knicks that you can only use for half the year.

and yeah, wiggle or jensonUSA for defeet stuff.

+1 sugoi.