Red and white meat smoker?

Now that I am a fully qualified boiler maker, I’m wondering if anyone here is into their smoked products?

They are really easy to build from scrap and I hope to make one up.


I thought you were asking for people that smoked and ate red and white meat to take part in a focus group or something.

Carry on.

Building a smoker out of some bits of stainless is one of the projects on my mile high list of shit to build

have a look at Weldingweb forum if you aren’t already a member…them Yanks can smoke!!!

Ps if anyone has an old 9kg or 15kg gas bottle that is no longer usable I’d like to buy it please.

fuck az, slow day at work? trip-hop… smoking meat… whats the go mang

I so thought that you were going to post a pic of your gf Red eg Here’s a ‘Red Meat Smoker’!

i smoke my meats thru a bucket bong or nuthin. i’m in flavour county

I prefer seafood…

Well that killed this thread.

Can’t go wrong with an old electric frying pan with a rack and barell setup on top. Works a treat and cost next to nothing.

Aaron, Is this like a ‘cold smoker’? We used to hot smoke fish back home. Always wanted to make a ‘cold smoker’ (where the meat is kept away from the heat source). Delicious. One day when we go bush I’ll make one. But I have to make a wood-fired bread oven first.

Smoked eel was a favourite from back home. A friends dad who built his own house put a hatch halfway up his chimney accessible from the staircase where you could hang things to smoke, plus they had a pond onsite full of eels that they fed their scraps.