Red Bull DIY fixie event?!

Red Bull Fixie DIY-HARD | Facebook

I don’t know who thought of this or its a massive troll. WTF perth? I mean “custom fixie builds live on stage”?? this is an outrage.

This looks terrible



What’s DIY about corporate sponsorship?

This could turn into royal flush v.2

Baby Jesus heard about this… he’s now in his room crying.

Yeah agreed on the wtf factor not really sure what’s gonna be happening. There is a double spok’d something that’s been in the bird for a little while now.

but we are going down to meet with te red bull rep to get sponsorship for our alleycat ha ha

They had photo guys at polo on Sunday so we were standing around getting some product placement shots ha ha they will probably sponsor the polo nats next year!

Good chane to hand out some race flyers too. Hopefully will het a better turnout than the usual 20-25 :confused:

Red Bull are getting into this kinda stuff a fair bit, they just did that wreckers yard graf comp a few months back, obviously there’s money in it nowadays.

Plus there was heaps of ironlak left over that anyone could take

this would be almost as cool as “fixie racing”

I’ll give it a miss but only 'cos Lisa Moore has to work and can’t make it.

aw hun, sorry to hear than hun…

Grant Ryan
this is going to be epic.
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Oh fuck man… I just sprayed my drink all over the monitor


What Rach and Mike aren’t enough for you???

God, the fused together couple.
Where one goes the other follows…

hmmm should see if they wanna sponsor ACMC next year

Forgive my ignorance, but what does the “HARD” bit mean?