Red Bull Minidrome

Found this today. Thought it was pretty cool.

Red Bull Minidrome on Vimeo

Yeah, that was rad. It was part of the All Track event that was held in Auckland this year. So much fun to ride! Timed run of ten laps, got pretty crazy as you would get super dizzy near the end of the ten laps! I got into the semi finals which was rad, then ate a kebab and drank more beer resulting in a disastrous time.
If you have a dig through The Chain Gang Kids there are more photos and another video I think.

to me, the video seemed like a perfect collage of fixie cliches.

hipsters, the dude with a bmx helmet, velo rider and ofcourse the shamals.

individuals promoting there own personal brand. and then a soft drink company promoting theirs.

Damn. Sorry about that. It was just a bit of fun.

And yes it was heavily sponsored by Red Bull as it was ’ the main’ event for All Track, its not like we could afford to build it ourselves.

you forgot ‘people that can barely ride a bike’ and ‘drinking beers at a cycling event, sticking it to the man’

this was the funniest video i have seen for ages

not enuff staxx.

anyone know how much it costs to produce a can of Red Bull?

i feel bad now :’(

i feel bad now :’(