Red fixed conversion-High St Northcote

Cant for the life of me find any photos…

High St, Northcote, out the front of Bang Bang restaurant (near Seperation St)
Monday 18th between 6-7pm

Glossy cherry-red fixed conversion 54cm. no branding
narrow nitto bullhorns with black tape only taped halfway up the bars
Black shimano front wheel-laced to shimano
Black deep-V style hillbrick on rear(again no branding) laced to velocity
GR9 platform pedals with long black double straps (pretty old and messy) thru BLB cages
BLB sticker on the seat tube and one of those little LBO stickers on the top tube beneath the saddle
Black Selle Success Axpero saddle

wasnt locked, dont ask

not much i can add, apologies for no photos
any help much appreciated


I’m in that area daily,
will be keeping an eye out.

thanks man, appreciated