Red metal?

I picked up a frame today. And on returning home I found a black piece of tape near where the crank would meet the back edge of the frame. When I took it off it looks like the metal is red? and a little dimply?

Anyone know what this is?

Ferrous oxide?

A rip off !

It doesn’t look like Ferrous oxide. More so like a smooth shiny red copper. I don’t know, it’s not flakey or rusted at all. perfectly smooth and strong. I’ll post pics I guess.

I’ve looked into it, and had a friend look at it.

All’s good. It’s just from where the frames been depressed so the cranks can spin and covered or the original metal colour. I should be re-coating it in the near future anyway and will re prime it with inhibitor, although there’s absolutely no rust on it, just a few chips and scrapes.

Good to hear it’s not something nasty. Look forward to seeing the pics. :slight_smile:

56cm C-C Velo Track Frame.
Levin Tange Ceramic Headset.
Galli Cranks.
Cinelli Pista Handlebars.


black metal > any other metal :evil:

Nice work.

hi, where did you find the frame

fucking sweet deal yimmy