red rocket llewellyn

the red rocket
finally working the streets
dura ace
thomson columbus tubeset
strong as hell
jetnikoff special


pictures? :?

I’m gonna delete this thread unless you provide pictures :slight_smile:

I can see it in my mind’s eye…

Ugliest bike I’ve ever seen.

I give you 50 dorra for it. Good plice.

Willy you’re a funny boy…

…and the envy of every rider in Brissie with that machine.

far canal.

come on will, chuck up some decent photos :evil:

hope you dont mind will, they were just on ur flikr,

for the lazy people who dont like clicking links…

The combo of intricate, ornate lugs with modern cranks and a CK headset is a major let down.
Nice looking bike though.

He’s right you know. The first thing people will spot from 10 metres away is your mismatched headset.

I would make love to it… though it looks like you already have!

only ck headsets for me
and the external cranks means i can run a much bigger gear,than my former DA and campy pista cranksets
the chainring cog is 49x17
with no flex

I like it the way it is jetnikoff.

Just like pancake parlor

some more pics

nice :wink:

Nice? That’s insane…

insanely nice :sunglasses:

Very awesome.

Ck headsets suck in my biased opinion.

First and only time I had one was on a Look titanium road frame with a full carbon fork.

Couldn’t get the headset to set without play, the fork flexed back an inch when you hit the anchors, and the frame tore apart at the front derailleur boss after 2 months on a training ride.