Red spots on Hors

3 months notice! Sunday the 12th of December at 12 noon.

Red spots on Hors is basically a King of the mountain race. Most bikes welcome but shit prizes for road bikes and good prizes for brakeless. Prizes for over all time and KOM.

Good sponsors already on board! Will post more details soon

i suddenly became all moist. make it an annual thing please.
look out Creaky and Chisholm, im gonna make you bleed.

yeah…! i’ll fly down for this.

There’s no way I’m working Sunday the 12th of December at 12 noon…

Hit me up for a prize or 2 if you want Hugs. You’ll need something for the road bikes riders!

Nice one, liking the sounds of this a lot.
Which hill is what I’m wondering.


Have you gone mental Hugs?

Come on James. At least you’ll have fresh legs! :wink:

i found the perfect prize for the roadie class…
actually was just up the road from your crib yesterday Hugzzz.
Johns Rd.

@ Brenton. I would be great to have some interstaters come. The more the merrier.

@ Fresh. Thanks dude anything is greatly appreciated.

@ Handsome. Do I know you? Your sig reminds me of someone I once knew

@ Riccardo. Nice will go pick it up if its still there. Great idea for the roadie prize

@ Hugs. You seem to… you did refer to me by my real not and not my slave name… once the rain goes away I should be out and about soon enough…

i gotta aks…WTF is with the name? Red spots on Hors?
ok, so i get the references but ???

ectodermal disease on women who achieve status by living legs akimbo?
maillot a pois rouge por hommes de montagne.
witty double entendre to moi.

Slick Rick are you still bitter from some kind of “teenage love”?
don-da-don’t hurt me again

bitter…i guess youd know.


This is still on and the flyer should be up soon.

I am not in training, but keen to kill me legs!

Fark. I haven’t ridden for about three weeks, and I have so much stuff on over the next few weeks and I’ll only be riding to / from work so I’m going to be struggling…

sounds like a great even Hugs!
What hill??

Sod training. I’ve started a regime of performance enhancing drugs specifically for this event. A lot less strenuous.

Got me some spanish steaks if anyone is keen…