redcliffe ride sat 19/09

missed out on last run to redcliff, still have a fair way to go training wise b4 bris2gc. so shirts and myself will be heading up to reddie and back on sat the 19th. probbly departing from his at around 10:30.(for all those like myself that dont do mornings). let us know if your keen to tag along

this post is to funny - red doing a run to reddie???

maybe this mind numbing shit I do here at work makes me to much of an easy audience for such things

mybad for the dig tez

only just woke up dickhead and couldnt think of how to spell redcliffe hence “reddie” lol.
im pretty sure its not that hard to get the general idea

I thought this was a Brissie ride exclusively for red heads…

Maybe next time.

a “red rover ride” perhaps


Nah we just don’t tell you or Dave about the other rides we do… :stuck_out_tongue:

jamie just always knows some how

indeed - their numbers are growing at an ever increasing and alarming rate.

For now however, their conglomerate force is not sufficient to dissuade the universal balance and we can sleep easy tonight

Numbers also depend if Nath has shaved or not.

the result of unchecked interbreeding I would imagine

the force is undeniably strong with that one

thought you were planning a ride to red rooster.

I’m hungry now :frowning:

SLANDER! I’ll have you know my hair is strawberry blonde.

DAMMIT! This ginga is building a fence with my dad that day. TRUE STORY.

If we finish early enough i’ll head out and see if i can run into you guys on your way back…

wow didnt realise it would turn into a slag rangas fest.
pregnant woman goes to docs
doc says i got good news and bad news.
bad news first your baby is a redhead
good news… it died

Yeah but you do ride the red dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

hey you should all consider doin this ride. it’s not as tough as it sounds. really quiet, smooth and flat. (where do you plan to turnaround btw?)

hey might join on after western loop where does it start from