Reiker Pista.

Bought this off user Moglix quite a few months ago and have had this thing built up twice since then but decided to pull everything off the now retired wet-weather track bike, give it a clean and put it on here. And here’s the finished product.

Parts List:
Reiker Pista 58sq. Oria tubing.
Reiker fork.
Velocity Deep V x Velocity hubs.
Sugino Mighty track cranks 151BCD.
Fyxoatosis 46t chainring.
Suntour Superbe BB.
Izumi chain.
Roselli cog.
No name seat post.
SR stem.
Nitto risers.
Newbaum’s tape.
Nitto bar ends.
Concor saddle.

More photos on my Flickr.

Looks sweet. Love the rear brake bridge (well what is there of it).

Understatedly bad aaaassss . Nice work andy

slick build, would like to see some more front end details

I like the geo of this frame… the sloping TT is nice.

I was going to berate you for not aligning the tyre labels and vales, but then I noticed you have then opposite each other…cheeky!

Very impressive build. Where does Reiker originate from? Sounds German, but if you got it off Moglix it’s probably just some little old Kiwi frame builder.

Noice, Have you thought about getting some hobby paint that matches the frame and repainting the cranks?


Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!

You were right with the second guess, they are indeed a New Zealand company. I know they’re still operating as a bike shop, unsure of whether or not their still building frames.

And yes, I most certainly have. I think I might even have an appropriate colour lying around. Looks like I’ve found myself a rainy day project.

I’d relace the front wheel same as the rear, or get radial with less spokes.
Also, very plain. Therefore, can’t hate that!

I hear that. I bought that wheel over a year ago and I’ve grow to dislike the radial lacing more and more over time. I could just un-lace it then lace it up again but I totally can’t be stuffed / I just spent all my money building up the Hillman so replacing is totally out of the question.