Remember to tell your cycling friends!

He said to tell my cycling friends… so…

Super Record Aero Colnago Pantographed Seat Post 200mm (eBay item 270683537103 end time 02-Jan-11 20:07:51 AEDST) : Sport

I’ll have a short rant. People purporting to be experts in vintage stuff.


  1. they’re not experts
  2. they’re deliberately misleading by passing off lower stuff (Chorus) as higher stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice seatpost, but it’s not Super Record. Nor is his other one.

Colnago Super Record Aero Seat Post - 27.2 x 200mm (eBay item 270683544133 end time 02-Jan-11 20:14:31 AEDST) : Sport

I sent him a message, but don’t expect a response…

Just so you know, both your seatposts which you have listed as “Record” or “Super Record” are Chorus posts.
I’m sure it’s just an oversight on your part but Record posts have a very different clamps and a curved section at the top of the post.
I’m sure you don’t want the winning bidder(s) providing negative feedback for misrepresentation of the item.
Perhaps you should revise the item?

While I’m at it, a Kalloy post with a Campag sticker??

‘Campagnolo’ Seat Post - 27.2 x 300mm (eBay item 270674147316 end time 13-Dec-10 20:08:10 AEDST) : Sport

please note it is not an original Campagnolo but a very good copy that would still do the job that it is designed to do and no-one will know unless you say something

Fuck me, I’m going to sticker up some shit with Campag and sell it on ebay!

Haha, are you bored over xmas too?

It’s interesting that for someone calling themselves classiceuropeancyclesaustralia, the seller is making some obvious errors, and in the case of the last post, appears to be trying to pass off a kalloy post as a campy.

That said, I’ve purchased from him in the past and been well pleased (probably because I have a half a clue about what I’m buying!).

Wow - $51 for a used Kalloy seatpost. Amazing what a sticker can do for an eBay sale. Hmmm ‘Campagnolo’ Stars track wheels … maybe?

ha, bored, smashed late up.

probably a bit harsh from me, as always evilbay, buyer beware.

sure he won’t change it, but reply was this:

Thanks for the information - I will look into this further.

  • classiceuropeancyclesaustralia[/i]

chorus IS the new record.