Removing blue loctite from bb shell

Anyone got any tips on removing blue loctite from BB shell easily and quickly? I usually end up slathering it in acetone and then laboriously brushing it and scratching it out of the threads with a Stanley knife but I’m hoping there’s an easier way.


fire is the best remover of loctite… not so good for paint though…

Run a BB tap through the threads? Or just add more loctite and don’t worry about it?

Fire is defo best

Fresh Loctite does not bond to set Loctite. It must have exposure to the metal surface and no exposure to atmosphere to work properly. I would imagine that a tap would work best but you could try a bb cup threaded in and out a few times to clear allot of the material out.

Ps. Loctite is a carcinogenic substance and as soon as it touches your skin you breathe it out 30 seconds later.


this stuff works a charm , make sure you dont get it on your skin

Can you back this ridiculous statement up please?

None of the components are classified as carcinogens by OSHA, IARC or NTP and only one ingredient has any other literature suggesting any carcinogenic effect.

Q: What solvents can I use to remove liquid Loctite materials?

A: Most organic solvents are effective in removing anaerobic and cyanoacrylate adhesives. Chlorinated solvents are most commonly used. Dry MEK and acetone are used on applications using instant adhesives.

Thanks for the tips. The immediate problem has been solved by applying Mr Scratchy the Stanley knife but I think I’ll fork out for a cheap BB tap for next time.

IME acetone just makes the loctite turn white and brittle - it doesn’t dissolve it - so it still needs to be physically removed from the threads somehow. Cheap BB tap ftw :

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I got given the information on OH&S seminar only a few weeks ago along with another list of carcinogens used in the construction industry. Clearly the wrong information. Sorry for the second hand misleading information.

Angry - If you are going to get a BB tap set get one that taps and faces. It does not cost that much more (relatively), and you will need it at some stage.

Oh yeah? Where can I find these cheap cutters? How often do you use your taps?

I don’t plan on doing serious tapping and facing, just the occasional thread cleaning and chasing. If I was going to do serious tapping and facing then I’d shell out for the best quality tool I could afford. Buy cheap, buy twice. If I need facing I’ll go to bike shop and let someone who knows what they’re doing do it :slight_smile:

Son … you’re starting to sound like me :wink:

For those who don’t wish to clear out threads on the cheap perhaps consider using an old set of loose BB cups and slotting the threads at right angles on at least 4 spots with a dremel or grinder or even a file. Pretty effective at clearing/cleaning BB threads on the cheap.

Cheap was never mentioned.
But the one Cyclus tool costs less than both sets.

And for the record I have used my tapping and facing tools on the 5 Frames I have built and on multiple resprays etc. Probably only about 10-15 times but that has meant they have paid for themselves.

To clean up stray paint and probably locktite, Spirito has the right idea with the slotted steel BB. Thats how I did it to chase the threads on my first frame. It worked surprisingly well.