removing cranks

So i installed my cranks about a month ago( i used grease) tightend it up as much as possible. Now there stuck on the square taper BB.

I’ve read a few blogs and i now reliase that grease was NOT supposed to be used in the installation of the crank arms because you can over tighten it.
Now the fuckers stuck.

How can i remove the crank without smashing it off with a hammer :evil:

do you have the right sort of crank extractor?
square taper cranks should be installed with grease.
it makes them easier to get off.
screw the extractor all the way into the crank, do it up nice and tight.
then screw the extractor bolt into the extractor.
it’ll be hard, and you need to make sure you don’t strip the thread out of the crank arm or you’ll be proper fucked.

Really? crank extractor hey, i don’t have one but i will buy one tomorrow.

I didn’t even reliase i’d need one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Lupine

I read that if you undo the bolts / nuts, then ride around (casually) the cranks will loosen themselves. I have had a crank come loose from pedalling, so I’m assuming this would work quite well. I guess be careful doing this for risk of damaging cranks or the spindle, and obviously don’t stray too far from home.

i have one you can borrow. they’re not exey, though.

I hear 5k’s usually does the trick…853 :evil:

Personally I’d recommend using a crank extractor.

yeah, this totally works. 25 k’s should do it. :wink:

25km? Pffft! You’re not trying hard enough.

Hahah i think i’ll use a crank extrator for safety reason :smiley:

Well, I needed to remove my cranks and did this last night. I rode around slowly out the front of my house for about 3 minutes and the left crank came loose, I rode for another minute and the right came loose as well. no damage to the cranks or the spindle. Worked fine for me. I’ve got an old shitty cottered crankset that I need to get off, reckon i’ll try this again.

Shimano part TL-FC10, $25.00. I have used the Cyclus tool and it is shite.

Its hard to imagine at which point cutting your cranks off with a hacksaw becomes a good option. Hilarious!

Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t it be easier to take the crank bolt off and ride it around the block until it came off.

Although, I can tell you from experience that you might have to ride 6 or 7 kms before that happens.

do it too much and you’ll fuck up the taper in the cranks and they’ll never sit right. Better to spend twenty bucks on a crank extractor.

buy a new bike

Abolutely, I meant if the threads are stripped and you can’t get the crank off anyway, I reckon riding it without the crank bolt would be easier and quicker than hacksawing. Assuming that you’re gonna bin the crank anyway.

i agree, buy a new one, give the old one to bum for xmas.

WTF are you guys that cheap that you would not buy the tool to take the cranks off. You don’t fit square taper cranks with grease it’s a cr-mo spindle on aluminium which metal do you thinks going to F**k up first with a decent tool and patience you can always get them off. Just gon’t ruin the internal threads or then it’s axel grinder and bin time.

Unless you get the Stein tool oversize rethreading tool, including the self-extractor bolt.