removing cranks

pretty basic question, i got some cranks installed about a year ago now and i have decided to take the bike apart. they are attached with allen key bolts which i have removed. I slightly remember a little while ago my non drive side crank arm came really loose and then i was able to remove it prior to reattaching. should it simply be a matter of pushing once the allen key is off or do i need crank a remover tool? i know with the usual cranks its a bit different but maybe im in luck for a quick part out.

hey man… yeah you generally need a crank puller tool:

What kind of cranks are they?

theyre just some no name track cranks from andy (tc)

i dunno much about them really.

Ok, I was just wondering if they were external BB or something, but sounds like Azza has the right answer. You need a crank puller - note that there are different types (one for square taper, one for ISIS spline) and make sure you’ve got the crank bolt washer out before you put the puller in!

Alternatively, guys on the forum have had luck with ‘riding the cranks off’ but I’m not sure it’s a great idea: could damage the crank/spline interface.

great piece of advice there! i made that mistake on mine!

also i found that if the crank is being a bit stubborn in coming out, get someone to tap at it with a mallet whilst you turn the crank puller

I found my thread for holding the removing tool was getting damaged, so tried the ride it around a bit. I didn’t remove the bolt fully, just loosened it to minimise possible damage to crank and me. Worked a treat 2 or 3 minutes around the block, back home and then removed loose bolt and crank. Keep in mind if crank comes off while riding its hard to stop if you don’t have brakes.

removing cranks are hard for me…
and whenever i’ve got bike problems
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