removing difficult stickers.

i will give cold hard cash to any person who volunteers to come around to my house and remove stickers from a carbon disc wheel - without scratching the wheel. you may also eat our food and play with our cat.

or, alternatively, you could just offer advice.

hahahaha did you consult the cat first??

oh, and +1, except replace carbon disc wheel with frame. tried metho and even an old wives trick of putting dishwashing liquid on it and wrapping it in glad-wrap. it kinda worked, maybe try that brendan?

Big Kevs Goo Remover (if its still around)

Eucalyptus Oil

Acetone (don’t know how well the wheel would be clearcoated though…) [last resort]

mineral turps has worked for me many times. but not sure if it would damage the carbon in any way? by eating into the lacquer or something? good luck

eucalyptus = fail.

wrap in glad wrap? it’s a full size wheel!

acetone + carbon = ?

i am about to try the hairdryer.

that’s the spirit!!

i’m guessing you wouldn’t need to wrap it as such, maybe just cover it in detergent then lay a few sheets over it? i think it just needs to bind with it or something.

took most of the crap off my frame except for a few last little bits. can’t be assed tryin anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll come round if i get to, one, play with your cat, two, make fun of you, three, eat your food.
I’m pretty patient.

no “four, remove the stickers for you”? tough shit.

do NOT use acetone, you’ll start rubbing away the resin.
probably wouldn’t use metho either but it’s not nearly as harsh.
plastic scraper and some detergent + elbow grease would be the way to go

i figured it went without saying…

maybe give it a good amount of eucalyptus oil and let it soak in a bit and then be real careful with a stanley knife blade to scrape them off.
it worked for me to get stickers of my windows,

the hairdryer is working a charm at the moment - giving me those long strips i’d dreamed about. neil ‘beefcake’ robinson and andrew ‘el diablo’ blake, thank you for your most excellent suggestions.

I’ll let you know when I’m coming around to play with the RZA.

What disc is it and why’s it covered in stickers?

I’ll let you know when I’m coming around to play with the RZA.

Brendan please tell me he has a little wutang pendant hanging from his collar?

if not, I think something along these lines would be awesome

I’ll let you know when I’m coming around to play with the RZA.

damn simon beat me to it

your cats name is rza!! so fucking cool

she does have a pendant with her name on it, but it’s not wu shaped. give us time.

if we get a dog we’re going to call it bill murray, so we can pretend they’re in coffee and cigarettes.

man… can like we… like be like best friends…

My already high levels of respect for you have increased due to the name you have given your cat.

I’m pretty embarassed, i didn’t even get the RZA reference, knowing next to nothing about Wu Tang, or rap, or hip hop. I’m so lame.