Removing old stickers

I’m after any tips you may have for removing old, sun baked stickers off my cro mo roadie frame?

This frame is going to come up nicely, but not without removing these stickers that I put on the frame when I was young and blind to the workings of product placement.

Any help appreciated.

a hairdryer will take off almost all of the stickers. And for the sticky residue that might be left after that, see your local hardware store. they sell an Orange (as in the fruit) extract that makes it really easy to wipe it all off. Just do yourself a favour and leave the original stickers. They give the bike way more character than all these powdercoated ones. Cheers


looks like someone’s been reading No Logo…

Thanks for that.

Hair dryer and a little kerosene worked a treat, and yes I kept the original manufacturers artwork.