Removing Paint and ID'ing frame help

Acquired this bike, hasn’t been treated right for some time by multiple previous owners. I plan to rescue it.

Decent componentry but unfortunately everything, bar rear hub and spokes, has been rattle canned black, I mean everything.

Now it’s all in pieces, can I get cranks, chainring, hubs, rims sandblasted? If not, what is the best way to remove paint?


Can anyone help ID’ing the frame, fork crown is stamped Reynolds, underside of BB stamped C-69-E. Campagnolo dropouts. I’ve sanded back the paint a little in places you might expect stickering, but nothing…

Bars: Cinelli criterium
Stem: Cinelli
Hubs: Suntour sprint (rear - fixed/free)
Rims: Mavic
Cranks: Sugino super mighty (campy dust caps…)
BB: Suntour track
Chainring: sugino mighty 46t
Cog: Suntour NJS 16t (had a DA 14t on the other side but only single threaded)

Originally, due to the two people I knew who owned this bike knowing little in regards to bikes, i assumed all componentry was original but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Any help greatly appreciated.

the person who painted it should be sandblasted

close up of lugs?

anything alloy shouldn’t be sand blasted if you ever want it shiny again, just hit it with a good quality paint stripper and some elbow grease.

Thanks JKLP :slight_smile:

Yeh go for the paint stripper, try going to your local auto store.
Ive stripped a couple of bikes with septone stripper and it takes off most of the paint.

Very similar lugs to my 80’s Pinarello but i don’t think they are uncommon enough to be an identifier.

Lugs and seat tube detail are the same as a Bundy I Just sold to one of the other lads. What’s it say on the fork crown??

Bender: It says Reynolds on the fork crown mate

I’m planning to take stripper to the parts I wish to salvage then sandblast the frame and have it re-painted (or powdercoated), sound alright to you guys?

I’d go an acid dip over a powder coat. Doesn’t blunt any of the lug detail or take away any material from the tubes. Other than that it looks like a nice frame, treat her well and ride her hard :smiley:

nice project and sand blast the frame but take your time with the parts… willl suck up heaps of spare time but it looks worth it… nice front tyre/fork clearance.

The lugs look like Bocama “Competition 83’s” …’Competition83’001.html

They were quite popular with many frame builders both down here in Oz and abroad. They alone won’t help you ID the frame builder.

Get a good paint stripper, gloves and eye wear and it should come off easy. You needn’t fuss with what doesn’t come off … just sand it and give it a few light coats of primer (and light sanding in between). Spray colour after that. Clear if you wish.

Powdercoat is cheap and looks kinda thick where most places in Oz do it. It is a royal pain in the ass to get off (sometimes ruining the frame). Keep that in mind as you one day may find out who built it and wish to reproduce the original style paint and decals.

Nothing wrong with good old fashioned paint. In fact, for lugged steel bicycles I still think it is the best option.

Looks like a cool bike :wink:

corded drill and a wire wheel, strips that paint back nice and quick.

Cheers for all the help!

Maybe wasn’t the best idea to purchase a resto project in the middle of my final year uni exams, nevertheless, plan is; strip paint as described by Spirito (and others) from frame and parts I wish to keep, go over the frame clean it all up etc and then take it to a painters for priming, painting and clear coating.

Does anyone know anything about chrome plating a frame before painting it?
Reason I ask is I had this appearance in mind:

(courtesy of kinfolk flickr)
Or am I just getting to ambitious?

Any chrome plating must be done before its taken to the painters. Its also not cheap but it is well worth it, i had my forks done and couldnt be happier with the results.

PS: If you do decide to have part of the frame chromed let them know of any engraving or stamping you want to keep because their pretty good at polishing them out :smiley:

My girlfriend’s bike looks kinda the same… Similar lugs, same drops outs (Campy) with holes in them, and Campy tips on the forks. I have no idea what tubing it is, but it’s nice and light. We bought it off eBay poorly badged as a Raleigh with the riders name painted on the top tube.

sorry to hi-jack but out of interest whats the cost of chrome plating the rear stays?

I got a quote for 230 to chrome plate frame and forks here in Perth. Seems a reasonable price but then again I have never had anything chromed before.

Anyone after any info on chroming a bicycle frame should have a read here:

if thats what you want your bike to look like go hard and get it make sure to take your time and do it right

if the previous owner merely painted the bike any old paint striper will work. Just apply and wait for it to flake off. use gloves.