Removing unwanted bosses

Whats the best way to remove any unwanted brake/gear cable bosses?

I tried twisting them off with some pliers but i’m worried that might do more damage than good.
Any ideas?

I thought it was how to get rid of your work boss, I thought you filed them off (on the bike) I know John at grip sports has done it for some people he is pretty cheap try him.

hacksaw the main part off, and finish the rest with a dremel/file.
dont cut into the frame.

paint the area you cut off, or itll rust if its steel.

Either a 9 or ten mil spanner will do the trick. But obviously hack saw them off if they’re welded to the frame/fork :smiley:

just took some off my bike. pliers did most of the work then filed down the bits that were welded on

just don’t do it. if you want a bike with no bosses, get a track frame.

I’ve twisted most of them off with pliers and then used a metal grinding disc on my angle grinder to smooth out any remaining bumps.
Worked really well, you just have to be gentle or you’'ll mess up and grind a big chink in your frame!

On the fixie I just built, I used a pair of pliers to remove the bosses, and then a broad flat file to clean them up.

With the downtube shifter bosses, I chopped the tops off with a dremel, then filed off the bases. You can see how it looks after powdercoating in mt post your ride thread…

Should be able to knock them off with a big flat screwdriver and hammer then file to clean up. Power tools are kind of overkill here.