Rene Herse tandem

Rene Herse tandem - a set on Flickr

I know the seller and he is 100% tops.
$3800+ shipping

One for you and your missus Spirito?

Do want.

Wrong size though. Shame.

mrs. spirito doesn’t like the idea of me being captain & I wouldn’t be a stoker

I’d let you be my captain spizza :wink:

Rene Herse…the Holy Grail.
Tandem is soooo beautiful.

French-dimensioned parts, no thanks. Nice machines though.

picture 21… sweet.

Didn’t I make a comment about non standard French parts once and you shot me down saying that they were no more non standard than English or Italian, they just didn’t achieve their commonality? :wink:

No doubt I did. Having struggled with reviving an interesting French bike, despite being fairly close to the country, I’m feeling a bit jaded about them right now. Uncommon standards are fine when you can maintain them or just hang them on the wall, orphans can be painful when you want to keep riding them.

and now on eBay …

Rene Herse tandem project. Truly one-of-a-kind! | eBay