Renolds 653 MS?

Renolds 653 | eBay


MS chainstays.


it is a columbus tubeset stands for Multi Shape

Multishape. Google it!


It looks like a repaint, maybe the 653 is a serial number and the owner has NFI.


Wasn’t there a thing there for a while (in the early nineties), where everyone wanted Reynolds tubing? 653 is a pretty nice set so maybe the owner was a bit of a dreamer. Wishful thinking perhaps?

I cant tell by the photos but none of it jumps out to me as ms,
Ms has a mini max style tt,
standard 25mm internal st,
a tear drop dt with a special bb,
the stays are oval drive side and triangle non drive side.
every one loves max and it is nice but i love this tube set.

That BB shell could only be one thing.

the bb might be, but the ds stay doesn’t look triangular, and there’s something weird about the dt / bb interface.

hard to tell though.

yes the bb looks like it is ms but the actual downtube definatley is not. frame builder must have been having leftovers

That’s what I thought, but the photos aren’t good enopugh to make a definate call.


It looks like a repaint,[/QUOTE]

Yeah, sure as hell doesn’t look like the usual paconi standard paint work , wonder if it’s a KW build?

Kev Wigham is Paconi, no?! And the Paconi paint that I have seen recently ain’t exactly mindblowing stuff.