Renting a bike out

I have been approached by a director who wants to rent one of my bikes for a bank television commercial. What should I charge my bike out at for the day?

I have no idea, but this is awesome.

What bike? The Fuji?

Yep the Fuji.


one MILLION dollars

Maybe somewhere between Aaron and Alex.

about fahh hunned (about 5 hundred)

As a general guide, items are usually hired (from businesses) for film shoots at 20% of their retail value.

Beyond that, negotiations come down to budget and something that works for both parties. Personally I would expect to pay between $100 & $200 depending on the bike and how it will feature in the ad.

As an aside, I would ask the context in which it will be used. Ie you don’t want a non-cycling actor riding a brakeless track bike. Also check it will be covered by their insurance while in their care, and take good photos of it beforehand so you have ddocumentation in the unfortunate case of any damage.

Thanks guys. I was thinking $200 but I might make it a little less, its only a fuji.