Repairs, Decals & Wet painting (no powder) in Vic?

I’ve finally gotten around to stripping down the Hetchins (Self extracting crank bolts are awesome!), and during the cleaning process discovered that the chainstay bridge has separated on the drive side.

It shouldn’t take much to repair, just a quick alignment and braze, so I’ll probably take it down to Abbotsford unless anyone has a better suggestion. (I’d buy a torch and have a crack at it myself, but this frame’s a little too good for a gumby first effort).

The paint refused to clean up, and is still very rust stained. That combined with the damage that the repair will do has accelerated the repaint. Powdercoat isn’t suitable for the lugs on this frame, and I’d like to get repro decals for it as well.

Any suggestions on who could do a wet paint job, without going over the top? single/dual colour with clear over decals is all I’m after, perhaps some pinstriping/outlining, no fancy airbrushing or Brian Baylis type work. Chrome stays/fork would be nice, but I think that’ll get too expensive.

Lastly, who is the current choice for decals? I see that mswatnak is hated on bikeforums now. Cyclomondo? Anyone local?

When I got my Hillbrick resprayed I took it to Flemming at Bicycle Recycle in Moorrabin. I got Paul @ Hillbrick to send me some new decals and gave them to Flemming when I gave him the frame. Very happy with how it turned out although there’s a couple of fiddley bits that didn’t get quite as much attention as I would have liked. That said I’d happily use his services again.

I’m a big fan of Abbotsford but I’ve never had them weld stuff. Gripsport might be a good bet as well.

how much did the spray cost you?

I got a frame sprayed by Flemming in Candy Apple Green and it cost me $200.

sweet. i might get my frame and riser done there.

Thanks, I’ll get in touch with them once I’ve nailed down the paint style and tracked down the decals.

Oh yeah, one more thing. the one thing I forgot to mention was that the forks and rear triangle were half chromed originally. Flemming doesn’t do chrome and paint (anymore) as it’s too much of a pain in the arse IIRC. So it’s one or the other (I think he said the chroming was done by someone else anyway).

I dunno who would do chrome + paint.

I’d take it to an electroplater and get the required bits chromed, then take it to paint. All he has to do is mask it off, and saves the painter the hassle.

As for someone who would do chrome + paint? Catch a train out the Frankston line sometime… :evil:

I’ve had a frame painted by Flemming a few years back too. I was very happy with the job and so is the person I recently gave the bike to.

Fleming Jensen does a good job, I’ve had a couple of frames done by him. but if you’re over the north side you might also give Matt at Kookie Bikes a try - he did a superb job on my last project. HE could probably also sort out your brazing, and sort out a chromer.

Just with the concern about the lugwork not being suitable for powdercoating, I have had 2 frames powdercoated that had nervex lugs and they both came up exceptionally well detail was not at all comprimised, I was also able to iso;ate the chrome rear end as well,
I can sms b4 and after pics OF HEAD TUBE if interested…

just letting you know that it can be done tastefully, but hey… you are talking about a HETCHINS…

kookie matt, yes. gripsport, no.

matt doesn’t have a booth at the moment.