repco/haro junk

Whatcha all think of this single speed shiz?

lol luvin the bmx bars. but get rid of the cassette man. thats the whole point of single speed, to only have A SINGLE gear. lol

Perhaps i need some wheels for it then, love to run it fixed.
this thing took 20 mins of drunk/bored fiddling about with what I had. And I don’t have a cassette remover/spacers :stuck_out_tongue:

send it to sims metal, you mite get enough to buy a redskin

lolol, i love redskins!
maybe i take it to Rock’n’roller racing next w/e.

I built it for a booze cruise when my friend FINALLY gets back from Tasmania.

you must be a bad friend to let someone else ride that thing

Hahahaha lol :smiley:

Just took it for its maiden ride. Just like a cruiser :smiley:
I’m an awesome friend. Well, he’ll prolly wanna ride my diamondback, but it’s the thought that counts.

I think its fukn Awesome!!!

dude, what’s up with those rear dropouts? that’s wack!

p.s. massive repco fan. :slight_smile:

crankin dude! :slight_smile:

Rear dropouts were ‘customized’ by my Dad, who’s always coming over and informing me of ways I can improve my bikes :confused:
He decided to chop and change the dropouts to make them more agressive. Although he’s done some kinda weld inside the steering tube, it’s stopping regular stems fitting in, so I’ve got a pissy bmx one in there till I can file out the inside.
The bike will eventually be made nice, but I was just dicking about this afternoon really.