Replacement 105 chain rings...

Looks like I’ll need to replace some soon. Its a 5750 compact, double.

Should I go with Shimano or are there others around which will do the job as well, or better?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Stronglight 7075 rings are well priced and last for a very long time.

Search the euro sites like xxcycle / bike24 / etc for them. Be sure not to get the Campy 110 ones, they have a different drilling.

I bought an Ultegra 6700 ring (inner 39T) from Bike24 and it was like only $15 (ex shipping).

Thanks Blakey. I did see the Stronglight ones on Ribble, but they didn’t go down to 34. Will have another look around.

Also, any recommendations on quality replacement cables would be appreciated too.
*search function has been utilised btw.

Yokozuna reaction, or genuine shimano (SP41).

These are the only shimano compact rings on ribble

Stronglight Dural 5083 110mm Shim 9/10 Chainring, CHAINRINGS

Make sure you get something with 110bcd, you must have been looking at the 130bcd if they didnt go down to 34t! :slight_smile:

This is why I suggested XXCycle etc., not just ribble/crc/wiggle.

Duh! Yes… I’ll have a better look at home without the work distractions. Thanks guys.

+1, bit stiff to work with, but once cut to length (used a dremel for brake outters) and set, its just smooth.

Have got Yokozuna cables - are sick
Check out Praxis chain rings - have got, are sick

I’ve got some lightly used 105 34T/52T rings you can have. I’ve had them valued at a coffee and croissant. Txt me.