Replacement cranks for campag centaur - pt bottom bracket

It’s been decided the PT bb’s/cranksets are the armholes of the crank world.
Been wanting to replace mine with something else for a while, something with a different BB.

Anyone have suggestions for a crank/bb, standard size (53/39). The remaining groupset is campag. Initially i thought i’d stay away from shimano/sram but i guess there’s really no reason to do this right?

Pt are a shit system, but their is thousands sold every day.
If it’s for a cross bike then yeah ditch them but if it’s just your roadie I’d use them for now untill you upgrade the whole group or bike.
Just take them to a lbs every six months it so pull them off, clean, regrease and re install.

As for cranks just go some fsa or ultra torque cranks.