Replacement Forks

I have recently Purchased a Track Frame and the forks that came with it where undrilled and had some chrome issues. So I am searching for a replacement forks and headset.

I have measured the head tube at 180mm and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if these forks would fit? and with what headset stack height?

NOS FORKS Gipiemme columbus 1" Bottechia chrome | eBay

240 should be enough to work with. Minus your 180mm headtube = 60mm. You would probably need to run spacers, or cut the steerer down.

I have a 150mm headtube and 190mm steerer if that helps.

my 2c.

*edit, i see its sold! hope that was you!

ps, i want your track forks!

nope I didnt manage to get them:(

How about these?

LEADER S805 CARBON STEEL FORK 1" THREADED LARGE (eBay item 120657984627 end time 07-Jul-11 05:50:59 AEST) : Sporting Goods

I worked out I would need a stack height of 35 or less… I think. haha

by your calcs those leader forks should fit, personally not a fan of carbon on steel, but thats just me!

as long as it floats your boat mate!

I think tange makes a 32 stack height can you just rechrome and drill your old forks.

blasphemous! =D

I’m also going through this dilemma, i wouldn’t cop carbon forks though…

edit: you want drilled forks? easy to find mate…

Easy? show me Drilled, Chrome, 1" Inch Crown Forks for a reasonably cheap price on the bay please…

make him an offer

Reynolds lugged steel road fork - fixie | eBay

an offer has been made and they will be in my possession soon:) so Jase that means I will soon have some chrome forks lying around…

im gonna be looking for some forks soon… preferably alloy or carbon… 1/8th STRAIGHT WITH NO RAKE WHATSOEVER.


Freestyle BMX fork? Not many in carbon.

  • Joel

its going on a pursuit frame… id take steel if i had too but not keen for steel!


What I’m getting at is, the only reason to use a fork with no rake is if the fork will spend a significant portion of half the time facing backward. Whether the fork blade is bent or not is a separate issue to how much rake it has.

  • Joel

I see what you mean. I just like straight forks.

Well be sure to post a pic when you get them.

  • Joel

Just keep in mind that making a change like using a 0 rake fork on a frame designed for rake will change your steering geometry, it could handle like shit

current fork has no rake, its just not very tight and i dont like it.