Replacing breaking surface

Hey, just scored a set of old campy bora tubs, butthe breaking surface in places has been worn back to the carbon, was wondering if it’s possible to replace them or if they’re as good as dead?

replace rim, etc.

The rim will break if you continue to brake on them. I’d say they’re as good as dead.

^^ what antmandan said +1.

To expand on the theme - if your braking surfaces become breaking surfaces then all sorts of other surfaces (including your face) may also become both braking surfaces and breaking surfaces.

and these are the breaks (break it up, break it up, break it up).

Cut out sections of cooking foil, carefully place them where required on the rim, pre-heat an oven to 250 degree’s and bake the wheel for 3 hours. Then sprinkle the braking surface with virgin’s breast milk and you should be good to go.

or buy my 29er

In other words you got them cheap because there isn’t any breaking surface left in them!!
Use the front as a velodrome wheel and scrap the rear?

Possibilities are endless.

  • Nob rakes
  • Build them into cross wheels with disc brake hubs
  • Build them into track wheels
  • cut the hubs out and throw the rims in the bin

I like an optimist!

disc brake hubs cross wheels is a sick idea! (assuming you have a suitable frame)

Use them on your cafe-poser bicycle.

PS whoever did this to a set of bora’s is evil.

Used them, how is that evil?

pics required

Will get some pics, might re lace them and use for a track wheelset. Cecil walker is getting their carbon mr fix it to see if structurally they’ll hold up. Thanks for the advice