Replacing pedal threads

So i picked up a cheap set of SR Royal cranks off user Tally,
But as mentioned in the sale thread the non drive side pedal thread is stuffed.

I have heard of people using a Heli Coil to fix the threads, but is this strong enough?
And do any bike shops offer this service?
And if so, how much would it cost?

Any help appreciated.

Good bike shops should be able to do this. I’d give Abbotsford a call.

Home Page - Abbotsford Cycles @ Richmond Station, Melbourne, Australia 03 9429 6889

Helicoil’s should work well but I’ve seen mixed results.

Do human powered do them?
Most convenient seeing as they’re just around the corner.

3 options:

call and ask
email and ask
walk and ask


You overestimate the abilities of a teenager on holidays.