Reproduction Kenevans decals

I’ve managed to score myself a Kenevans that’s in need of a respray and new stickers, so I was wondering if anyone could hepl me out with any of the following:

  1. Know a signage/graphics/decal supplier who has a Kenevans sticker set as ‘stock’ item or has a digital vector on file that can be printed as required;
  2. Someone on this forum who has a digital file of the above, or;
  3. Knows a place that might be able to reproduce the decals.

I have the original stickers in shabby condition that I could potentially try and reproduce the graphic myself, but I thought I’d leave that

Note that I’ve already emailed Velographics in the US, but i"m not holding out hope that they will have the graphic on file…

I also realising that I am slightly rehashing the last discussion on this thread, but i thought that I’d ask anyway in a nice, fresh thread. (I’ve PM’d you Joel about how your progress was going.)


Velographix made the Golden Greek’s decals, so they should have them on file.

  1. No chance.
  2. About the same.
  3. Velographix.

Yes, they do have them on file!

Cool - I just need to have some of the different decals drawn up and I’m sorted!

Thanks to Omar, I have an accurate Kenevans decal set that is ready to print.

The only issue is that the quote I have for printing is not cheap.

Setup and first print - $150,
subsequent sets - $65.

I’m looking to spread my costs so I’m putting it out there. If you are after a set and could afford the price (maybe ~$80ish if we get a few takers) PM or email me!

(Note that the grey colour will be clear, as per Omars key to colour)

I’m keen, although my KE has yellow lettering, not white.

White would look odd on the grey paint I think.

Could that be changed on a set by set basis?

dimos’s ken had white lettering and it looked good nath.

I’ll see if I can find the graphic that he used as a reference.

True, Dimos’ one does look great…

But his is a different colour to mine. Mine is a much darker grey.

Therefore white would provide even more contrast and look even better!

(My opinion: I’m not a fan of the yellow)

That looks awesome. Great job Omar!

Thanks, I also do bar mitzvah’s :smiley:

You’ve moved to the right part of town then!

I would be be half keen to get a set as well, let me know when you want to do it and I will let you know either way.

I want to do it now - whaddyathink?

When would you need the $$$?

I’m keen to get em but I’m skint for the next week or so.

OK, basically I need FIRM ‘orders’ for stickers so that I can determine the final cost.

So far I have myself and TonyTwoTimes as definites.

SD75 and Dionysis as maybes.

My basic calculation of the costs would be:
$107.50 each for two people.
$93.30 each for three people.
$86.25 each for four people.

I’m in, but would prefer yellow over white.

If that’s not possible then sign me up for white.

Seeing as you already have the vector graphics, you might be able to get cyclemondo aka gts753 on ebay.

I have a set of his daccordi ones for the frame I’m doing up, and they’re top notch quality.

As well as getting them done locally (based in qld somewhere I think), they could also be cheaper.


Good idea Garth.

I bought a decal from him a while back, excellent quality and cheap. If he knows there will be a few orders for KE decals the price is probably going to be cheaper.

Sorry Guys I checked my frame last night, I reckon I can get away with it as is at this stage.


Good idea Garth, I had emailed him in the past and he said that he didn’t have a Kenevans graphic and also didn’t offer to make one or be able to print one. However, I’ve just emailed him again guys, so I’ll keep you posted with his response. A cheaper quote would be very welcome eh (and hopefully he’d like to be able to use the graphic in exchange for a cheaper set of prints too)?

Good news on the Kenevans stickers.

Cyclomondo can do them for only AUD$40 a set.

If that helps change anyone’s mind, let me know.

Nath - I’ve asked him about the yellow option, and that would be OK too!

I’m not sure what his turn-around is at this stage, but I’ll let you know when I do.