Request: Advice choosing crankset for SS build

Hi all,

I am tossing up between the Sugino Messenger (130 w/BB) from Cyclingdeal and the SRAM S300 Courier (<150 w/BB if a friend brings it from the USA.

Multiple sources suggest the SRAM is nicer, but the Sugino comes with a 1/8 ring and the SRAM is 3/32. Is it worth me caring about the ring width as a determining factor in my choice? I have read plenty online and understand you can use 3/32 rings and cogs with the wider 1/8 chain, but there’s plenty of conflicting information about whether it’s an issue or not.

get the sugino IMO. No point getting a 3/32 ring and running a 1/8 chain when you can get the matching ring.

I have used the sugino cranks on mine for 6 months and they are great value for money

I wouldn’t get 1/8".

You’ll have much more trouble finding 1/8" SS cogs compared to 3/32".

Yes you can run 1/8" ring and 3/32" cog with a 3/32" chain, but there’s no advantage in that.

Really? Or do you mean 1/8" chain?

^ yep. The Sugino is better cos square taper and easier to adjust chainline, more durable… yah-de-yah

Yes of course that’s what I meant. You know numbers aren’t my thing!

I ran mixed 1/8" an 3/32" for years and it’s fine, sometimes it can be a bit noisy, but if I was buying it all anyway I’d just stick with 3/32".

Thanks for all the replies. I am still quite confused because…

snowflake: You feel pretty strongly about 3/32, which takes me towards the SRAM. However the other posters are challenging that idea.

Lachlan92 and Dice: My reading suggests that the Messenger is average, and that square taper (while more common) is inferior to the more modern setups. I also read that the SRAM gave better chainline. The Sugino (with 68x103 BB) supposedly provides 45mm chainline, but I understand rear spacing is normally for 42mm chainline.

If it wasn’t for the expensive BB the Sugino would be miles cheaper, and I also have more variety with chain rings for the initial purchase that the . I don’t really want to buy a crappy BB for my first build however, so things even up quickly.

Btw this is for my first SS and build, based on a Pompino v4 frameset. It will mostly see commuter duties from the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to the CBD!

dude just buy the suginos and a 1/8" cog

square taper is fine, with the Messengers and a 1/2 decent bottom bracket (any shimano sealed BB) it will last for years, probably decades.

3/32 is easier to get rings and better SS sprockets/freewheels for overall, but 1/8" track cogs and bmx freewheels are available. 3/32 130bcd rings are super easy to get in any size (39 up), 1/8 less so, but not impossible.

sugino uses square taper and they’ll last a lot longer than the sram ext bb cups. You can get cheap 103mm BBs, in fact I can get you a supercheap used one with the pedals if you like.

square taper is most certainly not inferior. that’s marketers selling you new things.

due to using road cranks as singlespeed (RD2 = road double), the shortest BB you can get still can’t get the outer ring down to 42mm. Not the end of the world, but you won’t be able to find a shorter bb to reduce it further, you’ll need different cranks for that.

Sugino RD used to give a 42mm chainline on a 103mm BB with the ring on the outside, then Sugino changed the casting/machining so they are now derp for running fixed.
Less of an issue if running a freewheel as most hub/freewheels give a 44mm chainline.
Shimano don’t make a 103mm BB so it’s either Sugino, Tange, FSA, Token or cheaper brands.

As people have mentioned, 1/8 chain & ring will run fine with 3/8 freewheel like a Shimano or White Industries or ACS.

Do the SRAM cranks give a 42mm chainline?

Hi all,

Looks like the Sugino is winning then… which surprised me a little to be honest!

Less overthinking, more building and riding. That’s the whole point.

Another vote for Sugino Messenger with a Shimano bottom bracket. It will last you forever.

Unfortunately Shimano doesn’t do a 68x103 bottom bracket. They only do longer lengths which would push my chainline even further out from the centre.

Get one of these bottom brackets then, sealed, in your size and made in Japan.

The sram external bb cranks will be stiffer

But nobody will notice.

What BCD are we talking here?

Hi Swuzzlebubble,

The Sugino and SRAM cranksets are both BCD of 130.

I will be running it with a flip flop hub (freewheel side for me, thanks), so now I have to figure out which freewheel (not sprocket, right?) I need to buy, and see if I can get the right chainline.

It won’t matter too much. Consider how much cross chain a road bike can have, a few millimetres won’t be noticeable on a SS.

EDIT: I guess.