resizing photos...

Hey got some photos to upload but all the file sizes are larger than the 1mb allowed on cyclebucket.
How do you guys get around this?

i’m a no0b with computers and being on my friends mac isn’t helping one bit!


get a photobucket account, upload there, then paste the IMG html code in your reply box. photobucket is damn useful, so youll use it again nodoubt.

Download irfanview and use that. at 75% quality jpg and under 1000px wide, it’ll easily be under 1mb.

(for windows)
Open the photo in paint.
Press Ctrl + W.
A menu called Stretch and Skew will pop up.
Under the stretch section, change the percentage to something like 50%.
Save the photo (save as, then change the name so you still have the original)
Upload photo for internet street cred.

Thanks Guys i’ll pop some bike shots up and some for sale stuff too.

some mac help:

Open the folder that contains your photos. The default action on a double-click should be ‘Preview’, if not, control-click or right-click one of the photos and select ‘Open with…’ and then select ‘Preview’.

(If another program opens .jpg files, and you want to restore ‘Preview’ as the default action, then control-click or right-click the file, select ‘Open With…’ and then ‘Other…’ and then check the ‘Always Open With’ box.)

Once the image is opened with Preview, from the ‘Tools’ menu bar at the top of the screen, select ‘Adjust Size…’ and experiment with the ‘pixels’ and ‘percent’ measurements. For the fixed forums and other online viewing you can often get away with reducing your images to 25% or 10% of their original size. Don’t forget you can also crop your images to only show the subject of the photo if you like.

(I think for displaying in forum posts here the max width is 280px before the automatic resize bar appears … can anyone advise how to control the ‘click to view file’ bar?)

Once you’re happy with your new smaller, cropped, ‘fighting weight’ photos, nuking the originals is worth considering, unless you’re planning on using them for something else, like maybe a calendar or launching your career in graphic design :roll:

Now wash your hands after (NSFW) using someone else’s mac.