Restoration Advice needed

Hello people,

I have a used bike seems pretty good- fully lugged steel frame, nice cranks etc…
It needs a bit of work, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

I guess the first thing would be to strip it down and clean the grease and rust-
What is good technique for polishing the parts.

Now for the frame, has anyone painted a frame on their own? Whats the best way to do it?
Is it possible to just polish steel enough so it looks like shiny aluminium?


<a href=“”>good polishing guide here</a>

That is one freakin’ shiny stem.

there is a fyxomatosis guide to polishing on his website. i have no idea how to find it though.
i would suggest buying a $40 buffing wheel if you want to polish a whole frame. there are pictures of bikes on FGG that have been polished like you suggest. again, no idea how to find the pages.
you can paint a frame with aerosol spray cans, but it will get scratches over a relatively short period of time. if you really care then powdercoat or professional spray job is the way to go.

No way. Painting it yourself is way more fun. Even if it does turn out a bit shit in places.
I turned my wardrobe into a spray booth to do it.
I’ve been meaning to post pics but I can’t be arsed taking them at the moment.

painting your frame yourself is good fun
i just sanded it down and tied it up hanging from my clothes line and did like 1 coat everyday and it turned out nice after i put a clear coat on a few times

hey, i’ve painted many frames myself, i’m just saying, don’t cry when you get a scratch in it.

generally start with something like high build primer, if it’s an old frame. 3 or so coats of that, sanded smooth with something like 400 or 600 grit.
then either automotive spray paint for metallics and cool colours, or colourbond paint or chassis paint or something more durable if you don’t mind boring colours.
thin coats, just barely cover the previous coat, let dry, repeat, wet sand every now and then when you have decent enough coverage not to sand through . then as many coats of good quality clear gloss as you can bear, wet sanding all the way

Just finished painting an old Vietti roadie from in the italian flag. Will post pics when i get home. So much fun, just strip the bastard, a couple of coats of primer, lightly sand then another coat, then go nuts with the spray can. SPEND money on automotive spray paints so much better. then make sure you clear coat it and you’ll get a pretty sweet custom paint job!

that stem looks freakin sweet.
i’m running sugino 75 cranks and have noticed that the staps have rubbed off some of the coating. I’m pretty keen to polish the fuck out of them. anyone know what the coating is? just paint?

Most cranks have some kind of natural anodised coating. The anodising does serve a purpose as it protects the raw aluminium underneath from oxidation etc. For that reason I wouldn’t be removing the anodising for no reason.
I have a question though- once you spend time polishing a piece of aluminium, usually aluminium will oxidise very quickly. How do you maintain the polish- do you use a clear coat or something?

car wax is the go i believe. it’s hard to get a nice clear coat of paint.
but you will have to keep polishing it regularly, but the guys who polish to that degree are surely OCD anyway.

I use kitten wax. It really brings out the shine in the chrome and means water beads better and the bike stays cleaner. It also looks totally hot.

Sounds good too. Kitten Wax… mmmmm

well it’s one way to stop the fuckers molting :evil:

I too like the kitty’s nice and waxed…