Restoration or complete change ???

Hey everybody, not sure if i’m posting in the right section but here it goes…

i have recently brought a really old track bike a couple months back and just been too busy to do anything to it besides taking what i can apart ( i have a very limited bike knowledge). From the description given, it is a “Seagull” bike that was made back in the 1950s, hand made from Seagull bike co. from Swanston St apparently. I’ve been planning to either powdercoat or DIY paint it but after looking through other post on the site, some people have a strong opinion towards restoration.

Well, thats where i hit a roadblock, either to restore or complete strip and change it?

What do you think? (pic below)


I’d strip and change from the look of the condition

BTW has it been in a crash the top tube looks a bit bent near the head tube?

Looks like it… and the forks don’t look original either which might explain the top tube buckle.

And I’m afraid it is not a track bike, it is a path racer. (you can tell from the pump pegs on the seat tube)

thanks for the correction, greatly appreciated (as mention above, i’m new to the bike scene)

i don’t know about the origins of the bike so don’t know whats happen to it. I didn’t notice the bent, need to take a look at it tonight. Is the bent going to be a major problem? thanks

I’d save your restoration for a good quality frame given the time and effort involved (having done two pretty nice restos myself)


The bend could affect the ride handling and potentially turn into a crack depending on the severity. If it cracks while you’re riding …

If it isn’t badly bent you could get away with it, but I wouldn’t bother with a resto

New paint job no question. There are only so many bikes from the 50’s that anyone will give a damn about.
These bikes can take a beating but you probably don’t want to go around riding a bike with misaligned tubes. Check where the top tube and down tube meet the head tube’s lugs. That’s where all the pressure goes in head ons. It’s pretty easy to see if the head tube is out of place. Also try this for the rear end.

Hang it on the wall if you wanna keep it. If its defs bent, dont ride it.

My 2c

If its not bent - Stick some wheels on it and ride the thing. Don’t repaint it, or try and restore it unless you have to.

If it is bent - get a quote on replacing the top tube/down tube, and decide if this frame is worth enough to you to pony up some more $$, or cut your losses and see if someone else wants it (full disclosure about bend of course).

okay, took some crappy pics of the bent area. Just wondering if it is still ridable and what i should do? (i doesn’t look that bad, but i don’t know how bad it actually is?)

Thanks guys and gals

If you’re hellbent then give it a go without spending heaps of money on it. If the bike leans to the side when you ride with no hands then it’s probably too bent (although I’ve done worse).
I’m sure you’re not going to be jumping stairs on it or even working as a messenger.

my daily rider has the same problem as that, probably twice as bent, though it brings the front wheel in giving it a more agressive look which i like, so i’d say build it up it’s an old frame they can usually take a beating for a while but when the cash is up swap the parts to another frame

throw in back in the bin you pulled it out of.

not worth time, money or potential injury.

Bugger… stole my thunder. That thing is a deathtrap.

So basically theres no point in doing anything, damn was going to be my first fixie… now what :cry:

And also didn’t pull it out of the bin, being the dumbsh*t that i am, i actually brought it having no clue about the bent

As someone said before, if you build it up then the parts are still good to use on other bikes. When you can afford it get a eighth inch frame or something and then just switch the parts. This is how you get experience.

i guess i have to put up with it now and deal with it later on :expressionless: