Restoring a nickel plated frame

Looking for advice from someone with experience restoring a nickel plated steel frame.
There are a few chips in the nickel but generally the coverage and condition is good. Much of the clearcoat has been chipped or rubbed off.

Thinking about stripping the rest of the clear off and buffing it up and then getting a new clear over the top.

any do’s and dont’s’? Will paint stripper damage the plating? what is best for buffing?

Thanks in advance.

As far as i know nickel plating is a step used before chroming.

I dont really know anything about it; but assuming my first statement is fact, it could be possible to approach someone who does chroming and ask them to just perform the nickel plating.

I think someone said they got forks chromed in melbourne for $80, so to get a frame only nickel plated (again assuming all this is correct) couldnt be too much.