Retro M-Star fresh out of the box

hi guys just got this on a steal from a dude in nsw, im in melb and looking for some group rides, feel free to stop and say hi if you see me riding around


nice bump. are you fishing for compliments?
check the melbourne thread for various group rides. wednesday fix is the most obvious one if you want to join in.

what jams said


get some proper brake cable clamps to clean it up a bit, what being ‘retro’ and all

Those drops are cray

That’s a gutsy username, if you do turn up to the Wednesday night ride you better drop everyone.

Have you got some more detail pics of the bike? Do you know what year it is?

Edit: Some foot retention would be good, unless you’re running a freewheel, which in that case, some foot retention would be good.



BSC look to be running them out under $400 according to Bike Exchange.

Wow! Vintage…

The hate’s so chunky, you could carve it…

Maybe he likes the other type of Merckx speed?

fuck, the internet is full of arseholes these days… don’t listen to em Eddy.

I like my Malvern Stars, but there’s a something a little wrong with this ‘out of the box’. Nothing that cant be taken care of with shallower non-ergo bars and cable clips. Get to it.

70mm BB drop? Bit deep innit?

Nah… rizorz and nobr akes.

Edited out my statement cos I felt like a Bully after you guys commented.

Guys, give him a break…
He may have bumped his own thread but he never said that the bike was vintage or anything amazing. I was pretty excited on my first bike as well.

Just to clarify, I was having a dig at myself for thinking it was an old frame. Carry on.

Seen much worse first bikes, ride the shit out of it and figure out what you do and don’t like about it. Then when you’re ready to build something new you’ll know exactly what you are after.

Just needs an aerospoke on the front. Mad fresh.

+1 on ride the shit out of it.

On the plus side it doesn’t have gumwall tyres and mudguards.