Retro MTB is the new fixed

This seems like a lot of money for a really old bike.
Pretty good nick but…

That paint

GT Karakoram

That’s about the 3rd time I’ve seen that listed.

Would ride (with Time ATAC’s).

^ JLN thats not a retro MTB thats a Frankenbike.

This is a retro MTB that my friend picked up for similar money - 1988 Peugeot Montana, 531 tubing, XT throughout (including original XT brake pads!!). The only non original component is a reissue Turbo saddle.

The GT’s owner is aiming a bit high I think.

Always for this price?

Do like. Would ride

Fire the seller a low ball then. I reckon you should get it for $250 realistically.

Yeah, always $400. Make him an offer I say.

I agree with Dice, $200-250.

But this is also nice, paint not so rad but very clean plus it’s local

Mongoose IBOC

Giant Old School mountain bike ATX890 magura brakes XT components | eBay

I’m about to list these on ebay, contact me if your keen…

XTR M951 8spd shifter brake units, in excellent condition.

Hello boys! That’s a very sweet set you got there.

They are now on the 'bay.

the stem on that GT is balling, i would loose the flat bars, drop the stem, throw on some drops and franken bike tha thing. with a nice saddle it would be ace

That stem would require a LOT of filing to thread a drop bar!

I think $400 is pretty alright for it, if the drivetrain is in good condition. GT has proper mtb heritage, too.

I offered him $300 yesterday + some bike parts.
He said no and that he had been offered more than that.

This thread should be moved to ‘douche-bag seller’ thread

Me or him being the ‘douche’?