retro pop art picture wanted

ok, a little more of an unusual request for help this time.
Gemma and i are about to try our hand at silk screening shirts and jerseys for our mutual pleasure.
i want to make a very specific shirt and need help to find the image.
what i’m looking for is a fifties style, pop art monochrome of a distraught woman, usually seen with “oh my god! i left the baby on the bus!” or similar.
i’m hoping someone will know either an artists name, or somewhere i can get a look at it online.
anything of a similar vein would be fine as well.
those of you who have seen my “when i was you’re age i had to walk 10 miles to get stoned and have sex” shirt will know the sort of style i’m looking for.

You mean something like this?

Or you can do a search for it here.


that’s it, that’s the sort of stuff i’m looking for.
i’m going to try old Kirby and Ditko comic archives as well.
thanks for the help.