retro wool jersey supplier

Looking at getting a batch of Merino Wool jerseys made up.
Plenty of places overseas that do it. Seems crazy to send australian wool overseas and all the way back again (although the jerseys are probably made in Asia anyway, it still minimises the distance travelled). I also like to shop local if I can.

Anyone know of any Aussie suppliers?

I haven’t heard of anyone being set up to make bike jerseys here. You could try NZO in New Zealand, they have some wool gear, but who knows where it’s made?

or icebreaker in NZ, i’m pretty sure they make their own gear, but it’s probably pricey, and they don’t make jerseys. maybe you could convince them…

Chromeo, my mother has just started up a business in NZ selling 100% merino wool cycle jerseys - found at: .

She sources from a local company there called ‘lamana’ or something like that.

These jerseys are the biz - I commute in them daily - if anyone is interested in getting some let me know.


The jerseys look interesting, any options without the signwriting?

Chromeo, the suppliers to check out in NZ are (not lamana) and Mapp Matrix ( from memory).

Littlewheelsandbig I’ll pm you once I’ve checked about blank jerseys from Aspiring.


thanks for that
who actually makes the jersey’s?
i can’t get much info off the other two sites. seems like they just make the fabric itself perhaps?
is the correct URL for the second one in case anyone is interested

Thats correct Levana and mapp matrix are fabric suppliers.

Aspiring cyclewear has the jerseys made up locally in NZ.

If you want to get them done here its probably a matter of lining up a local producer that is set up to make sportswear i.e. cycling jerseys (in small or large lots) and supplying patterns and fabric. I would be surprised if you couldn’t find a small manufacturer or even an outworker that does work for local sportswear manufacturers that could do the jerseys.

I travel a bit down to Phillip Island from time to time and have noticed a merino clothing/underwear supplier near Woolamai township which is on the way to Phillip Island - they have a billboard on the side of the road - might be worth seeing if you can find out more about them as a possible local supplier of fabric.

I’ll give it a shot