Returning from o/seas with a frame .. it's gonna cost me, which way is less$/better?

Planning a trip to America Land and thinking of returning back to Oz with a bike frame as luggage. My return leg would be 2 domestic swap over terminal/flights (Delta) + the last from LA to Syd (united) are the preferred/possible flights. Due to the size of a packed bike frame i’ll exceed the regular baggage size limits for domestic and international. Max = 158cm (combined [SIZE=1] length + width + height).

At best I’ll be stiffed with oversize baggage fee of $125 (domestic leg) and [/SIZE][SIZE=1]$125 (intl. leg) [/SIZE][SIZE=1]if I box it up and tell them it’s a “sculpture” or some such story. At worst I’ll be slugged $200 + $220 if they do class it as a bicycle on both legs. .

Considering lugging my mo-fo super large suitcase which may hold a frame inside (it’s at mama spirito’s, will drop over to size the bag up today but i think t’ll fit a frame). That means slightly better protection, but it also means getting slugged for an oversize bag both leaving ($125 + $125) and returning ($125 + $125). I could pack all my things around it on the way home no problems. Remember it’s 3 flights to come home (2 domestic and one international) and so I’m thinking it may be better packed for transfers and luggage handler abuse.

Mailing it back via US Postal is a no go as it exceeds the 79" rule (max length + max girth). Funny how their size rule for sending to us is smaller than for us sending to them. :confused: is perhaps a better option. US Postal to the base will be about $30 + $90-$120 shipping from there to Oz + monthly fee’s to join etc but I’m not sure of the time it takes and what people here may say about the service. Anyone in Sydney a member?

What say ye? And is there anything I haven’t thought about or covered?

[/SIZE], i am a member and very happy with them

a frame will cost about $120 to ship fedex with tracking and takes about 3 days

you pay them $8.50 to forward your package

The calculator hits me up for slightly more (I like to pack it safe) but it sound like a good option. It’ll cost me about $25 to them and $155 from shipito to me + $8.50. Could be the go !!!

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they are very good

ps you do your own customs form online with them so no tax issues

Are your tickets booked? Can you choose airlines that allow bicycles as part of your baggage (eg Qantas)? Dunno about the domestic flights though

How big is a frame box anyway? I’d imagine it would be pretty close to the dimensions, although knowing the airlines you’ll be just over so that they could charge you if they felt like it.

flights for the date and time i’ve opted for … United $1260 … Qantas $5,300

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I use, and can definitely recommend them, too. I’m happy to let you use my membership if you want (pretty sure I can change my receiving address?). But their depot is in Florida so probs best to go with shipitome. Easier than lugging the thing through the airport only to be told it’s going to cost $150+.

Anyway, what’s the frame? Do you know yet?

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Where are you getting your frame big bike shops usually have a good acc deal on shipping for me to get a frame from uk is about $300 obj does it for about $50 so ask the retailer if they can ship to you
my old boy does ironman tri and travels alot he never pays allso try e-go couriers I just sent a bike to tassy for 39 dhl quoted about $280

It’s just US to oz via post is not an option. Uk to Oz, easy, Oz to US … easy.

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I shipped a frame back from Japan, as checked in luggage, in a cardboard bike box for free… but that was with Jetstar.

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Anyone know a France based mailing forwarding service? Really don’t want to pay the $226US the guy quoted me for shipping.

Call your airline, see if they accept sporting equipment as check-in luggage. Tell them you have a complete bike in a box.
Most airlines accept sporting equipment as check-in luggage, for free. Or maybe a few dollars more. You’ll be fine.

Keep all your receipts, you can claim back all the sales tax you paid at the airport.

Actually they don’t … I’ve checked which is why I wrote the above. They specifically state the opposite and will ping you 'coz they can.