Revelate Design Bike Bag Order


I’m gonna put in a order of some Revelate Designs saddle bags and such from soon.

So far its a frame bag and a saddle bag.

If anyone would like at saddle bag or frame bag let me know.

Unfortunately the way shipping works there is really only room in the order for 2 more items (frame or saddle bags) before shipping blows out again, if we get 2 more items in the order shipping will be $13 per item.

Also it maybe a ways off like 2 weeks as one of the bags I want is currently out of stock - but I want to order it now so it doesn’t go out of stock again…

So of you can handle all that pm me.

p.s. if anyone is wondering why I’m not ordering direct from revelate - its cos its easier ad cheaper thru

FYI, ebay seller Dana67301 ships revelate internationally for cheap. But if you want more than a saddle/frame bag you’re SOL.

I used a mountain feedbag recently, pretty handy little bit of kit for food / beer / camera…

yeah, I have spotted that seller but I want/need the Pika - the small saddle bag for my CX frame not enough seatpost and tyre clearance for the Vishacahahaha.

I have just asked the seller about the Pika though.

Also if we get 4 people/bags on board its cheaper and safer than ebay.

Order ordered.

Thread Closed.