Reviving the CBR weekly fixed ride

hey dudes,

who’s interested in reviving the weekly cbr fixed ride?

with the nice weather upon us i reckon it’d be sweet to get a bunch of peeps going out regularly like there was earlier this year.

i’d prefer tuesday, wednesday or friday due to work commitments, but i’ve got the poll up so hit your preferred day and lets work it out!

I vote Thursday. People are in high spirits because they can smell the weekend.

Just to be really fair, if anyone not from Canberra can help by adding to the Thursday option, that would be most appreciated.

Monday is out for me due to Mountain Biking commitments.



i’ve also got an erection if that helps remove any confusion.

oh wow, this thread got awkward very quickly.

I’m down. Any day except Tuesday is good for me. But that commitment is just a stupid theory class and I’d gladly miss it tbh.

I vote we start tonight!!! :smiley:

i work thursdays :x

I’m good for any day,
And keen as hell to get riding

Is this a night thing?

After work I am guessing 6ish onwards?

yeah 6ish onwards is generally a good time for most peeps, i’m not sure what time they were meeting last time the weekly rides were happening, but 6 sounds good, gives me enough time to get to civic from tuggs. of course with day light savings, doesn’t matter too much what time we start…

ty, what time roughly did the rides kick off last summer?


^^ From last year

WeeKnights we’d start at sixish. Weekends at four for a longer ride.

did anyone ride last night?

yeah, caught up with Steve at Debacle, then had a few too many and didn’t ride home til after midnite.

See you at Bluejuice!! Anyone else going. I’m riding there so you should see my bike out the front.

awesome! I’m keen as for a night ride, any night is good for me!

My band’s supporting Bluejuice tonight, on at 8.30pm sharp! :slight_smile:

Piss-Warm Chango
Summer beer ride 4.30 Thursday at Debacle or meet us somewhere along the way: