Revolution 2


anyone know where i’ll be able to see a clip of the juniors binning it?

i rocked up about a minute after it happened, good night tho.

yeah the guys at work say that it was on the news last night arround 10:30, must have gone straight to air

I’ sure it would be on the Age website sometime today. Saw it on TV last night and on Sunrise this morning.

I saw the commuter version of it today on Royal Parade. One pannier laden commuter went down on the white paint. Skittled two other riders waiting at the pedestrian crossing. Quite funny, I nearly skidded into the - no one was hurt thankfully.

Super night!!!

Surprising there were no big injuries, looking at this pic.

And Cyclingnewshas a report now.

It would have been awesome if i’d seen anyone there! I guess everyone got seats but once i found the bar it was alright. Loved the champions race, by the way, And Jess Varnish from the UK? HOT. Even thought she’s probably only 16.

Here’s the crash, courtesy of cyclingnews.

Last night was bloody awesome!

theage website has the video of it…
Funny how cycling only ever makes the front page when there are crashes eh?

so bummed i was sick to the gills and cou;dn’t get to this.

<a href=“Latest & Breaking News Melbourne, Victoria | The Age”>Linky</a>

All that crashing must’ve given me ideas… I binned it on the way home on the wet tram tracks.

I’m out for this Saturday :frowning:
Have a good one, catch you all soon

Shit Steve- are you alright? :frowning:

yep just bruises nothing broken

sorry to hear steve. i had a bad feeling about all that rain.

some kids threw ice at me from a car (little cocksuckers can’t throw for shit), and i didn’t chase them down and smash their mirrors, or you know whatever :roll: , so the gods of cycling must have been angry, cause i got a flat front tyre 10 minutes later. (and you all know i never have spare tubes)

I thought it was only when it involved some drugs scandal!! :stuck_out_tongue:

that was good fun. free tickets made it even better.
I was pretty gutted to discover i just missed the stack, at least i saw the replays.

that was my first foray into track racing and now i actually understand what the different races and tactics are all about.
I quite like the format of a whole stack of short races of different styles.
there were some pretty exciting moments as well.

pity the beer tasted like arse, but hey, you can’t have everything.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fixies in one spot as i saw chained to anything solid people could find out the front of vodafone

Such a great night. Much better than the first version.

I would have to say that the organisers and everyone behind the scene put on a superb series of events. Extremely well organised, great exposure and lots of publicity. Hopefully we will see more people in cycling.

I cant wait till next year to support and scream at our top shit aussie riders

Ouch Steve! Glad to hear you aren’t badly injured… How is the bike? :slight_smile:

wow Steve, glad to hear you are in one piece! (I have tried to headbut tram tracks outathe way and come off second best before) I feel your pain punk brother