Revolution 4 - Wed Dec 17th

Anyone going?

I live around the corner and for various reasons have missed every one, this time for sure

I’m in. Wed ride out.

yep. plan to go.

Hell yeah! And it’s not a metrosexual from the Gold Coast I’m going to see either!

But I’m not from the Gold Coast :?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yep, getting tickets this week !!

I’m coming down from Brissie, my brother’s racing. Cause I’m his mechanic, you reckon i’de be aloud to go in the centre of the dome? Havn’t bought tickets yet…

I think each rider is allowed one person down there with them, but call people now(!) and try and get a pass or something. Suck to be kicked out (of the middle) on the night.

Dad spoke to the guy organizing the event, and apparently we still need to buy tickets.

holy crap, mcewen and cooke teaming up for the madison!

Meh, Leigh Howard and the Glen O’Shea show kick their arse anytime.

oh, murray, you better have those tickets!

will be a good night, missed seeing madison at the championships.

Are GenAdm tix unassigned seats? I checked ticketek and it only shows as ‘GenAdmWest’.

Are people meeting at a nominated time/place before going in and getting seats?

I think some seating is allocated and GA lets you infield to the bar.

Infield bar is the best place in the house IMHO

Fark yeh, that’s where you’ll find me if I go.

Cant wait, going to be awesome

Purchased. See you at the bar.