Revolution and the Austral

Revolution is on Wednesday night, starting at 7pm.

It will include the 111th (i made that number up, but it’s somewhere around that) running of the Austral wheelrace. There are some seriously good cyclists there, including man of the moment cameron meyer, feisty bastard graeme browne, defending champion shane perkins and drags attendee josiah ng.

Tickets are like 25 bucks, and we should be able to get them on the night. i’m happy to meet folks at the flinders lord of the fries at 6.30 and roll down as a posse.

see here for more info:

I’m in,meet@ lord sounds good.

sweet. i’m going to do both this and the madison, but i reckon if i were going to choose i’d choose this.

i used to hate handicaps, but now i love them.

nothing like working your guts out with a bunch of other guys for nine tenths of the race, as if you’re best mates and can depend on each other forever, only to turn on each other in the last tenth.

it’s a little bit chaos, and that’s good to watch.

I’m in. See you at LOTF.

Planning on going but I’ll be running about an hour late as I’m helping on the Brunswick Wed ride again so I’ll be there after that.

Hoping they will have the infield bar again…


The bar is great,wasn’t used @ worlds,hopefully it will be used this time round.

i’ll be there. thanks for the reminder xbjbx.

Have you got access to cheap tix xBx? Ticketek quoted $49 which i thought is a bit rich considering the World Cup track meet the other week was only $39 odd.

$25 is different ball game altogether.

You’re doing it wrong. You want the GA tickets, which are $25, not the A-Reserve for $49. $20 for students too.

technically no.

Dang. The ticketek system blows!!

If the infield bar isn’t there it will make baby jesus cry

i wouldn’t worry about it. you will be able to get tickets at the door, and i believe the back straight is unreserved.

also, if you know anyone in the bike industry, you should be able to get free tickets.

just saying.

further to my comment in another thread, anyone could win…

a couple of years back one of the backmarkers was only about ten metres from the scratch group. the guy must’ve got an awesome push, caught up with them and held on for grim death to take the win.

handicaps rule!

Matt Damon has a handicap,and he sucks!

Matt Damon has a handicap,and he sucks!


leave ben affleck out of this!

Great night.

It really was a great night. Just got home, couldn’t help but try to keep the cadence up ridiculously high.

I thought the Madison 4-up Pursuit or whatever was good fun, and that u17 bloke who rode ahead for lap upon lap another highlight.

Nice of them to remember Lorraine Collings (somewhat) formally as well.

And the winner was…?

Yeah I couldn’t believe the couple of guys who rode as if they were oblivious to the fact that there was a race somewhere behind them.