Reynolds 531 Track Frame

Might be a good starting project for someone…

531 track or fixie 51 x53 frame and forks | eBay

Hell yeah!
Nice find Paolo.

Post a pic of that wheel truing thing you bought in the appopriate thread :wink:

Hahaha. Okay Azz. I’ll get onto that this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.

user Generic Hipster might find this one to be a goer.

Where’s Isaac? Evil Genius?

He’s looking for one.

Looks good other than the colour …

nothing a powdercoat won’t fix

I was more thinking about a couple of cheap cans of paint.

'twas too small. EDIT- stick with Isaac.

the same user also has this frame for sales. Looks pretty cool IMO.

Greg LeMond 58cm colombus SL frame and forks vintage | eBay

That Lemond is nice, if it was smaller I’d be snatching it up.

someone nab it offline?

I sent him a message and am awaiting for a reply.

Hope you get it… Otherwise it would’ve been perfect for my wife.

Yeah I am undecided if the girlfriend will get this one or if I’d use it. Either way it’ll need some paint! I would want some kind of hideous/ridiculous paint on it.

Read the ad, just been blasted and brand new respray. Stupid and wasteful to just strip it off again IMHO. Get a beat up old trackie if you want to go to all that trouble.

Can’t seem to find a beat up old track frame for cheap in a size I want anywhere though, not for cheap anyway. Truth be told I would end up just leaving it as is since I am very lazy. Think I’ll be going to have a look at it Monday now!

look in the classified on local cycling clubs. I know there is a nice Euro Sport in the Bendigo Cycling Club site for instance.