Reynolds 531C roadie - 65cm

Was someone looking for a monster steel roadie?

Reynolds 531C steel frame | eBay

It doesn’t look like a 65 C-C to me… but whatevs.

Got someone up here who might be keen on that. Cheers for the link!

Maybe not but is does have excellent handkle bars and a Suntour centre bracket.

defs not 65. anyone know anything about that marque?

top tube 58cm

seat tube 61cm

anyone wanna pick up a frame for me in brisvegas? :smiley:

can do. if it doesnt get any bids i was going to go around and haggle with him. i wanna check this 3T bar and stem out.

$100 no bids with 2 hours left? Pity John Kennedy is doing an epic tour through not Oregon redwoods.

fuck it. too much hassle for me atm

You looking for a tall roadie? I’ve got 4 that I need to move (though not in that price range). 63c-c Bundy, 63c-c cinelli, 61c-c Rossin. PMz or I’ll post up here when i get around to it.

nah not really. if i picked up the one above it would have become a SS beater. already got myself a decent steel roadie

I threw down on it and am going to do exactly what Jams was going to do with it.

Picked this up today. “Robson” is the guy I bought it off. Shimano drop outs, is stamped with “SCWG” and a serial no on the BB. Any ideas?