Reynolds pursuit frame

this looks pretty nice, miiiiiight go cheap.

Fixie/ single speed Frame - Reynolds 753 tubing | eBay

as if you don’t want a carazzzzyy frame…


you contact the seller direct?!

See that rear bridge? Looks impossibly thin - kind of like a Serotta that was on here a while back…

If you buy this before new road wheels I’ll bash you with your broken wheels about the head

haha i’m borrowing a wheel, and i’ll buy this and just sit on it, find a fork later, not contacted yet, but i’m seriouso

I put the first bid on this hey. As usual, the chance at bargain turns up here, their goes the neighbourhood.

bidding wars are a great spectator sport :wink:

sorry man!

quick and the dead, nothing under the radar here, lokione we’ll sort it out, BNE MAFOA rolls on

Its way to big for you dude. Its scotts size.

i’m still confused, did you buy it or are you just stating your intentions?!

i think it’s rad either way!


Yeah I know. Could have been a money maker is all. Go Scott Go, GOOOOOOOOOOO Scotty!

Seal the deal and get it to Pushies for Sunday and I’ll give you a 650 front for it.

HLC dont you ride 54’sq

lokione, too long in the TT for you? 56 ST would be alright, i would like it a touch taller, especially pursuit, but my gefsco is a 56 and its fine

Rolly i’ve sent him a message, waiting on response

My old Lo-Pro had a 60cm ST… effective TT was approx 54cm, Headtube was about 11cm long, and the top of the HT was the same height as a 51cm frame when lined up next to one.

I Ride 54sq because of short TT and low bars, which gives me a good fit and works for me. Downside is I have to run a ton of post!!!

All that aside, funny bikes are saweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Yeah prob too long on the TT, ST would be cool. My ride is a 55cm and the 130mm stem could be shorter. My TT rig is 52cm and feels good in the fully sic aero position, so 58cm is prob too long.