Ricardo Australian Track Frame


So rad. I wish it was 2 or 3cm’s smaller.

I keep meaning to ride past where they were built. It’s not far from my house.

Are they still making bikes? Specifically track frames?

Nah. I think they stopped in the early nineties. I’ve only seen two track frames (both on ebay), and boatloads of heavy looking road bikes and ladies step-throughs.

Looks like it has road forks. Geometry looks pretty loose, too.

Anyone know anything about 1020 steel? Heavy?

It’s a nice and fancy way of saying that it’s made from plumbing pipe someone found under their house. Cheap nasty and HEAVY.

It weights exactly 4.1kg as seen in the pic plus a seatpost that was in when weighed.
My dad is the owner and lister. I checked it out before he decided to sell it.

Sorry, new here, but isn’t a Ricardo Medallion an old road frame?

I have no idea, dad had it laying around.

1020 steel is a mild structural gauge steel.